Great Idea Inc. is a full-service marketing, advertising, website & graphic design company. We are your local, low-cost experts with a full range of services for both traditional and digital marketing. Great Idea specializes in making your business number one through breathtaking designs, strategic SEO strategies, and calculated marketing tactics.

Why Choose Great Idea?

Running a business keeps you busy, You already know that. Whether you’re launching a new business, introducing a new product or service, or looking to hit the next level of growth, it’s critical to stick to what you do best. Let our team of marketers, designers, and developers do what they do best. We have helped hundreds of local nature coast business both small and mid-sized companies profitably grow their business by implementing a full range of online and offline marketing strategies. Our full services portfolio includes strategy, branding, graphic design, print, web development, content writing, and online marketing components such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaign management, and social media marketing. We build marketing partnerships by offering our clients to become their marketing department if they don’t have one or add strategic horsepower if they do.


We are not just web designers who create beautiful sites. Yes, we build aesthetically appealing sites but our primary focus is increasing our customer’s revenue stream and overall profits through our marketing efforts.

The Power Behind The Great Idea Team

We have the best designers, photographers, ad specialists, and customer service team at your disposal. Give us a call at (352) 293-5195 and put our talents and resources to work for your business.

How Our Process Works

  • Free Initial Design Consultation

  • Let The Building Begin

  • Website Approval Process

  • Website Launch

  • Ongoing Support

Want to Know More About What Great Idea Is Working On Next?

We cannot expose our customers or our secrets, however, we have no problem sending you samples of our work during your free initial website consultation.


Well crafted Ads move consumers to action there’s no doubt about it no matter what your goal is a well-written Ad can create trust and make any sale easier. In a marketplace crowded with so many voices and so much ad pollution, We slice through the noise with a variety of tactics even verbal jujitsu and even sometimes humor.

We know what to say and how to say it but more importantly, we can make it into a visual advertisement for your company. Words are powerful but when they are on white boring background, they usually get lost and the importance they once had is gone. Use videos to get the message across. Let Great Idea bring it to fruition.

Born daydreamers, we spent most of our time in school writing, painting vivid colors with language and transmitting emotion into art through words. We love to play with the English language, making emotion come to life through our limerick like linguistic skills. Let’s think different. Let’s make better ads by telling better stories.

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