Great Idea Inc. offers 360 virtual tours, still, and videos. 360 photography has become increasingly popular over the last few years. More and more customers are seeking an authentic feel to people’s businesses and brands, 360 tours and photography help establish that whether it’s for a school, a new restaurant, a museum, a concert hall, or new products.

Why Use 360’s?

We have found that Google favors virtual imaging over flat digital photography, with a 2:1 ratio preference of thumbnail display. In other words, when a business has a virtual tour tied to their Google My Business listing, Google will display those 360 thumbnails over traditional photography. On the same note, Google virtual tours have an influence on how strong that listing is and how often it appears in organic search on Google and on Maps. More importantly, because virtual tours are popping up on business listings and real estate websites, more and more customers expect them. According to Google, the majority of people want virtual tours today, with 67% of surveyed participants saying they want a virtual tour when looking at a listing. In 2015, Google commissioned an independent study of the effectiveness of virtual tours. This study found:

“Virtual Tours Help Double Interest In Businesses”

Those who view a listing or product with a virtual tour are twice as likely to be interested in booking a reservation there or purchasing something from a business. Virtual tours get over five million visits a day because they spark interest and are an important component of the decision-making process for customers. Naturally, people spend 5-10X longer on websites with an embedded virtual tour than those without. 360 photos and virtual tours are sources of deep engagement, especially when combined with hotspots and meaningful content. Contact Great Idea today to schedule your 360 tour today.

What Industries Can Use 360’s?

  • Real Estate

  • Hospitality

  • Automotive

  • Beauty Salons

  • ECommerce Businesses

  • Tourism

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Travel Agencies

  • Entertainment Venues

Google States That Potential Consumers Actively Appreciate Virtual Tours When They Land on Company Websites

Prospects are 130% or 2X More Likely to Book or Reserve Based on a Virtual Tour
Google Reports That 67% of Consumers Want More Businesses to have Virtual Tours
54% of Potential Home Buyers will not look at a Property Unless it has Virtual Images or Tours
More Than Half of U.S. Adults who Use the Internet Have Taken a Virtual Tour

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